About us

  CIFFN is built on consensus by Freight Forwarding Network Owners with the goal to improve the Freight Forwarders Networking Industry, leading to safer and more progressive business development environments for Freight Forwarders. The organization facilitates closer cooperation among Network owners and has designed specific programs to achieve its goals.

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  Information about CIFFN

Founded: 2011
Founding persons:

Nils Walle

Christian Raeuber

Mark Millar
Industry Advisor

First meeting:
Macau 2011 (World Alliance Forum)

• AirCargo Group
• Americas Logistics Club
• Atlas International Network
• China Cargo Alliance
• China Logistics Club
• CLC Project Limited
• Combined Logistics Networks
• Global Alliance Integrated Network
• Global Logistics Providers' Association
• Global Freight Forwarders Group
• International Logistics Professional Group
• LFS Group
• Multimodal Freight Network
• Multinational Forwarders Alliance
• Pacific Global Association
• The Global Forwarding Partner
• Universal Freight Management Group
• World Wide Partnership Cargolink Network   (WWPC)
• The Freight Summit
• Certified Transportation Network

CIFFN Strengths: 20 Networks
Countries covered: 150 countries
Number of Forwarders: 4,196 forwarders

Event Summary    

The World Alliance Forum, where CIFFN was founded, was held on Oct. 11, 2011, at the Venetian Macao. The first meeting was moderated neutrally by Mark Millar, an industry veteran and thought leader in the field of international logistics.

A total of 19 alliances have atteended the meet and great event with the purpose of finding new grounds to collaborate, define common goals and to increase the level of professionalism within the freight networking industry developed during workshop sessions amongst alliance owners.

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Cooperation   Trust   Strength

Group photo of the alliance owners who attended the World Alliance Forum held last 2011 at the Venetian Macao


Adriana Dunlap (Gross-Fuchs Group of Networks) and Daniel Wong (China Cargo Alliance) exchanged business cards during the meeting


Bo Drewsen of CLC Project Limited explaining his answers during the working sessions.

Size   Quality   Security

Daniel Wong (China Cargo Alliance) having a chat with the meeting's moderator, Mark Millar (M Power Associates)


Bo Drewsen and Heidi Drewsen of CLC Projects Limited while listening to the moderator


Rene Bendt of Global Logistics Shield sharing his ideas during the working sessions.